Age 4  through Kindergarten

Children coming out of nurseries are taught the most basic, but most important principles of the Bible:  God loves them, Jesus loves them, and the Holy Spirit loves them.  They learn that the Bible is the Word of God.  They learn these principles (and many more) through the use of Bible songs, games, and memorization along with age-related Bible stories taught by talented, Godly teachers.


Grades 1 & 2

We continue to teach the basic Bible doctrines to the primary age children but add lessons in character.  The children are introduced to the great Bible characters in both the Old and New Testament.  Bible songs, hymns, games, and memorization help the children to grow in the grace and wisdom of the Lord.  Talented, Godly teachers lovingly and creatively teach Bible lessons every week, leading children to salvation whenever possible.


Grades  3 through 6

Basic Bible doctrines, character lessons, and Bible stories are used to train up a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.   Lessons stressing the importance of obedience, and setting and maintaining moral standards for our lives are taught along with the traditional Bible stories from the Old and New Testament.  Talented, Godly teachers instruct the children through lessons, Bible songs, hymns, games and memorization.