Biblical teaching can provide guidance and direction as young adults figure out the will of God for their lives.

The Young Adult Ministry is an opportunity for those 18-30 years of age to have their own special place to grow spiritually. There are several opportunities for young adults to engage in this ministry that can be a blessing to them personally.

Jason Pruitt, the Assistant Pastor, oversees the Young Adult Ministry. Jason and his wife, Celeste, minister to the needs of the young adults. Since starting the Young Adult Ministry, Jason and Celeste have seen high days of 40 in attendance. The young adults are welcome to the Pruitt home on a regular basis for food and fellowship.

The Young Adult Ministry has a Sunday school class that meets in the men’s baptistry ready room at the back of the auditorium. The class meets at 9AM every Sunday.

The Young Adult Ministry also has many different activities throughout the year. From bonfires, paintballing and hiking, the young adults have many chances to engage in clean fun. Once a year the Young Adult Ministry leaves for two days on a spiritual retreat. This retreat is another opportunity to grow and learn spiritually.